When your subscription is complete you will receive all the instructions and documentation necessary to use the service, together with your smartcard. The smartcard has an individual microchip protected by a secret PIN code, which is necessary in order to collect the car and return it.

To book the car go to our website  https://amat.targatelematics.com/amigo then to the "BOOK YOUR CAR ONLINE" section and follow the instructions, or download the free app for Android and iOS.

At the specified collection time you will find your vehicle in the parking area you have indicated.

Accessing the car is easy and convenient. To open the doors just bring your smart card close to the windscreen where the card reader is positioned. You will find the keys inside and you can start the car and begin your period of use. The onboard display gives an exact real-time calculation of kilometres travelled and time of use.

You can register by directly accessing the portal and following the instructions.

Papers needed:

- driver's license valid for the European Union, issued at least 12 months previously;

- identity card;

- tax code;

- credit card.

Go to AMAT POINT in Via Giusti 7/B (Torre Sperlinga) tel 091 7303010 during the following hours:

Monday 8.30am - 1.30pm 3.00pm – 5.30pm

Tuesday 8.30am – 1.30pm

Wednesday 8.30am – 1.30pm 3.00pm – 5.30pm

Thursday 8.30am – 1.30pm

Friday 8.30am – 1.30pm

Call center

tel: 0923/1987733

You can book a vehicle from the web portal or by using your app. Choose a vehicle from the map and book it. The booking lasts 15 minutes only for free floating rentals; station-based rentals are charged in full by km 0
The daily rate is triggered after a certain period of continuous rental. After 24 hours from the start of the rental, the count begins again with a per-minute rate and again becomes daily after the predetermined time period.
For more information see the PRICES section.
When you reach the vehicle you can open it with the app or with your card. The system verifies the availability of the vehicle and opens the car doors. Now you can start your trip. The keys are inside the vehicle.
Ensure it's the vehicle you have actually booked by checking the licence plate number. If the problem persists contact the call center.
Once you’ve picked up the vehicle, drive the car normally. If you have to stop, lock the car with the keys and take them with you.
Once you’ve finished your journey, release the vehicle by switching off the engine and checking that everything is in order. Leave the keys in the glove box, check that the windows are closed, get out of the vehicle and make sure you close the doors. Perform the return operation from your app, which will give you the closure instructions and lock the car. Wait until the car is locked.
You can release the vehicle in any suitable parking space, including blue zones, inside the areas marked in blue on the map shown in the mobile app. Remember, you are not allowed to release the vehicle and end the rental session outside of the blue areas. Visit our website to check the free parking areas
Make sure you have closed the doors, that you are inside a release area marked in blue on the map and that you have left the keys inside the vehicle. If you have any problems contact the call center.
Use the app or the website to cancel the booking. Remember that the booking lasts for 15 minutes only for free floating rentals, whereas station-based rentals are charged in full at 0 km

Registering for the service is simple. The only things you need are:

  • Credit card or debit card
  • Valid driving licence
  • Email address
If you find someone’s personal belongings in the car please contact Customer Service for instructions on how to return the item to its rightful owner.
No, you can book one vehicle at a time. This is to facilitate the community ethos, which is about vehicles for sharing.
 At the end of 15 minutes, the reservation will be cancelled and it will not be possible to book the same car for another 15 minutes. Remember that the booking lasts for 15 minutes just for free-floating rentals, whereas station-based rentals are charged in full at 0 km

For administrative needs, listed below, you can contact our offices, from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 13:30 and on Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 15:00 to 17:30, at 091-7303010:

  • information about the service
  • registration
  • enabling / disabling of users
  • user profile problems
  • request codes for refueling
  • refund request

Only for technical needs, listed below, you can contact the call center operating 24 hours a day: 0923-1987733:

  • difficulty accessing the system
  • problems with reservations that cannot be made from the web or app mail assignment car not arrived or car booked not present in the deposit
  • failure to open / close the vehicle with app
  • delay in delivery of the vehicle
  • vehicle localization
  • lack of parking space
  • keys not on board
  • damaged / dirty vehicle
  • warning breakdowns, accidents
  • booking help (the booking managed by the amiGO operator will generate a cost of € 5)
If we cannot collect the amount due, your account will be temporarily blocked and it will not be possible to make other bookings. You will receive an email notification to this effect. A new attempt to debit you will be made every day. Check your credit card data on your personal profile and correct it if necessary.
It is possible that someone else has tried to book the same car at the same time. In this case you can book another car directly on the street. Your previous booking will be cancelled free of charge.
The personal data entered when you register with Amigo Car and Bike Sharing can be edited by entering your reserved area via the app. Just sign in to your account on the site or app.
To change the email address just sign in to your account on the website and click on the edit icon, which will open the "Edit Email Account" window.
You will be prompted to enter the new email address in the appropriate field and confirm the operation. You will immediately receive a confirmation email at your old address and an activation email at your new address.
Check that your device has data coverage. If the problem persists, close and reopen the application. If the application still doesn't respond and you have an active reservation, contact Customer Service of Amigo Car and Bike Sharing to avoid any booking charges related to the technical problem.