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amiGO Sicilian Car Sharing
Go out on the street and look for the nearest available vehicle to you! Make your booking, hop in the new car and go anywhere in the city. At the end of the rental you can leave your car at one of the special stopping points – you don’t need to worry about finding a parking space.
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Palermo – Catania - Trapani – Sciacca – Enna – Alcamo – Castellammare del Golfo – Castelvetrano
Aeroporto Falcone Borsellino (Palermo) - Aeroporto V. Florio (Trapani) - Pantelleria
Capaci - Aeroporto Fontanarossa (Catania) - Sede IKEA Catania - Acicastello (CT)

Try the new way car of sharing yourself

With station-based rentals, you can park the car for free once you're finished, saving time and money!!


Book, Drive Off and Arrive at your Destination. All with just a few easy steps.

With the Amigo Car e Bike Sharing app, you can pay to drive by the minute (free flow system) by the hour, or by the day, plus kilometres travelled (fixed parking system),
making savings on fuel costs, insurance and vehicle maintenance.
You also get free access to restricted traffic zones.